About us

MFM Business Consulting is a Zambian company which offers Management professional service to its clients in Tax, Advisory and Audit. These include Taxation, Company TPIN Registration, return filing on Value Added Tax( VAT), Income tax, Withholding tax, Turnover Tax and Property transfer tax. We are a fully registered firm with the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) and cleared by Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).  

Our services extend to Motor vehicle change of ownership and company registration. We help entrepreneurs secure Business name and Company Registration in Zambia. We are proud to assure clients that within 2 working days a company would be registered in Zambia. The best thing with us is we create and help our clients achieve their dreams and goals regardless the size of the bank amount clients have by facilitating professional business plans that brings greater Return on Investment (ROI) of their income. 

Besides providing services necessary to the smooth operation of a company in Zambia, MFM Business Consulting does offer accounting services such as preparation of accounting books for sole traders and companies limited by shares; Accounting package include Pastel & Payroll services that can be outsourced from us. In additions, we help small and large enterprises formulate business plans and good preparations of the company profiles.    

MFM Business Consulting derives its name from the initial letters of the names of the first CEO and Founder Mr. Mark Fletcher Mphande. 

MFM Business Consulting has identified the challenge many business and entrepreneurs face when registering their companies. Besides that, these business and entrepreneurs tend to have challenges in financial management which result in so many businesses failing within a year. Having understood that, the mission of MFM Business Consulting is to serve Large, Small and Medium enterprises in such difficult challenges.  

Our vision is to ease the process of starting a business and helping our clients grow.  


Mark Mpande

Mark Fletcher Mphande


He has Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the Copperbelt University and Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation from the University of Zambia.

Zilyenge Mpande

Zilyenge Mphande


Mphande Zilyenge holds a BSc (Hon) in Applied Accounting and is currently pursuing ACCA professional level. He has sufficient experience in performing accounting.